Uploading complete

All 1796 performances in the Wind Band FM library have been uploaded. That’s ten (10) full days of listening! The station is in an “auto DJ” mode, which means the station randomly assembles the playlist. I can now go to my backlog of 18 CDs and begin the process of preparing those performances for uploading.

Links on the right (or at the bottom for narrow resolution devices) now take you to the station stream, lead to a PayPal donation page, and take you to shopping sites. Clicking on and purchasing through the shopping site links helps support Wind Band FM.

A possible return, at 4X the cost.

The good news: Live365 is returning soon, as reported by Kurt Hansen’s Radio & Internet News.  The bad: the lowest priced plan will cost about four times the cost of the previous lowest cost plan. The result: if Wind Band FM returns to the air, it will not be the ad-free version that once graced the Internet airwaves. I simply cannot afford it at that cost. Also, since the Copyright Royalty Board has basically priced royalty rates progressively higher based on a station’s income – and that price being higher than the station’s income – this may still not be an economically viable option. I am curious to see how the new Live365 handles this.

More than likely, if Wind Band FM does return in the future, I will block streaming in the United States to avoid paying the ridiculously high royalty rates.

By the way, I speak as a composer/arranger and member of ASCAP.

Record Labels Sue Radionomy Over DIY ‘Pirate’ Internet Radio

Record labels are suing Radionomy, which owns Winamp and Shoutcast, for hosting pirate radio stations. According to the story on TorrentFreak, Radionomy has admitted to not paying royalties to SoundExchange since 2014.

Why is this important? Because this was one of the places where I had thought of moving Wind Band FM. Glad I didn’t. Repeated attempts to access Radionomy’s website in the last several minutes have failed.

Update: Still Looking At/For Options

Just wanted to update everyone. I am still looking at a couple of options for the future of Wind Band FM, as well as searching for more options. I am waiting to see what happens in the next few weeks regarding the higher royalty rates for Internet radio stations. When I feel more confident in my options, I will share them and ask for input on my decision. Thanks for being patient and keep you’re fingers crossed!