A possible return, at 4X the cost.

The good news: Live365 is returning soon, as reported by Kurt Hansen’s Radio & Internet News.  The bad: the lowest priced plan will cost about four times the cost of the previous lowest cost plan. The result: if Wind Band FM returns to the air, it will not be the ad-free version that once graced the Internet airwaves. I simply cannot afford it at that cost. Also, since the Copyright Royalty Board has basically priced royalty rates progressively higher based on a station’s income – and that price being higher than the station’s income – this may still not be an economically viable option. I am curious to see how the new Live365 handles this.

More than likely, if Wind Band FM does return in the future, I will block streaming in the United States to avoid paying the ridiculously high royalty rates.

By the way, I speak as a composer/arranger and member of ASCAP.