A possible return, at 4X the cost.

The good news: Live365 is returning soon, as reported by Kurt Hansen’s Radio & Internet News.  The bad: the lowest priced plan will cost about four times the cost of the previous lowest cost plan. The result: if Wind Band FM returns to the air, it will not be the ad-free version that once graced the Internet airwaves. I simply cannot afford it at that cost. Also, since the Copyright Royalty Board has basically priced royalty rates progressively higher based on a station’s income – and that price being higher than the station’s income – this may still not be an economically viable option. I am curious to see how the new Live365 handles this.

More than likely, if Wind Band FM does return in the future, I will block streaming in the United States to avoid paying the ridiculously high royalty rates.

By the way, I speak as a composer/arranger and member of ASCAP.

2 thoughts on “A possible return, at 4X the cost.”

    1. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Actually, for it to come to that, I would first have to find an affordable streaming plan outside of the country. That’s not likely without ad support. The best thing about the old Live365 and the Small Webcaster Settlement Act of 2002 was that I could afford to support an ad-free live stream of the station. Without going into detail (and probably a bit misquoted), the newer rates basically set a minimum royalty of, say $60 if my income is $50, and $100 if my income is $90. These numbers are not accurate in any real sense except that the minimum royalty is always higher than my station income. That doesn’t even include the cost of a streaming service. That is complete lunacy!

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